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A Detached Perspective Helps

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

People can so easily tell that the government of North Korea is dictatorial and evil. It is an enemy of the people.

They can easily tell the Islamic regimes are authoritarian theocracies where fundamental freedoms are not always accepted.

They can tell the Chinese have no political freedom. They have neither freedom of religion nor freedom of the press.

They call tell the American regime is an enemy of the working class. They know woke politics and transgenderism to be stupid.

People can so easily see what's wrong when they look from outside the influence of a nation's propaganda bubble. But they can't see that their own government is also their enemy. Most Indians don't understand that the Indian establishment is only taking advantage of them and is more immoral than they think. Pretty much everything they are told and shown in a lie. This is the power of propaganda. It makes people trust those who are keeping them enslaved and impoverished.

One way to see through the game is detachment. For a moment, call no country your own. You will suddenly see the rot in your backyard. Call no religion your own. You will see the evil in your religion and all that's considered holy. When you attach yourself to anything worldly, you lose the ability to evaluate it objectively because you become subjective and biased for yours.

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