Linkedin Posts From 2018 Part One

Updated: Apr 29

Linkedin posts from 2018, part one -

You are not sparing anyone's feelings when you don't tell the truth. Their feelings will be hurt anyway when they discover they were living a lie. Therefore, always tell the truth. It's pointless to do any otherwise.

Self-regulation assumes focus on the self, otherwise called selfishness. Therefore, it may be reasonable to say self-regulation either causes selfishness or manifests selfishness, or both are the same.

I was given too much stuff on professionalism in college. Most of that was BS. Who gets to decide what is professional? Is a gold-laden Gucci Mane less professional than a suit-and-tie Gucci? Is a psychologist in a crocodile mask less professional than one with a blazer on? There is no real definition of professionalism. How you conduct yourself is more of a brand/strategy issue. So long your conduct is aligned with your core values and vision, you are professional. Just do you.

Capitalism has the same issue as other systems: greed. Capitalism is great as long as the watchdogs are not greedy. Some day, a capitalist emerges who, with this power and influence, attempts to muddle with the free market. With help from sold-out watchdogs, he proposes regulations to make the market less competitive. The watchdogs, on the other hand, get to appeal to the proletariat with free stuff, such as free public education, and minimum wages.

Yes, even public education was pushed by industrialists. They could save on training costs if the public paid for it (in taxes that run public schools).

I do think that minimum wage should be illegal because it is anti-competitive. Talk about anti-trust. If Bezos is lobbying for a higher minimum wage for real, you know he is trying to protect his kingdom. A higher minimum wage would effectively raise the barrier to entry, making the market even less accessible, protecting the wealth of the wealthy.

Why did Socrates, Krishn, Ram, Jesus, and Buddha not write a book themselves? I am inclined to think that they understood that putting concepts into words also means reducing them into words. The moment you describe God in words, it is no longer God's description. The same goes with concepts like love, compassion, and friendship.

You must get out the constraints of language if you want to understand deeper truths and enjoy the infinite realm of intuition, arts, consciousness, logos, imagination, etc. You may not be able to describe friendship, love, or worship, but you can definitely do them, sing them, and dance them. Actions are continuous, but words are only discrete units of meaning.

Perhaps, these guys understood that humans would obediently stick to their words, which are reduced versions of what they wanted to tell, and would never utilize their faculties to seek the truth. They would grab the texts and become braindead.

When you deny help because you can't suck up your ego and insecurities, you treat sensitivity with non-reward, which extinguishes that behavior. On a large scale, you are programming society to become insensitive (Skinner's behavior modification). Next time, accept help when you actually need it. On the flip side, offer help without expectations when others need it. This would reward people who try asking for help.

Martin Seligman blames more than 10x increase (since 1950) in depression on three factors -

1. Extreme individualism and self-centeredness where the focus is individual success over societal success.

2. The self-Esteem movement, which teaches people to feel good about themselves irrespective of effort.

3. Victimhood mentality, which teaches people the blame game.

Zimbardo, P. G., Weber, A. L., & Johnson, R. L. (2003). Psychology: Core concepts (4th ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

In college and while working at the high school [Starkville High], I could clearly see the self-esteem movement and victimhood mentality being hammered by leftist forces. I used to wonder how many criminals are produced by public education.

Ever wonder why people don't tell the truth when asked, "how are you?". Ever wondered why you don't tell the truth when asked the same. Not only they are thinking you don't care but you are also thinking that they don't care.

One of the reasons why people fake is that they have trust issues. They have already assumed that the other party is fake. And the other party has also assumed the same.

Now, I stick with people even after I find out that they are fake so they know that I am not going anywhere. This counter-social stance gives them an opportunity to get real.

Is the buyer gonna show up? Will the businesses be fair? Will the elected official represent my cause? Will she/he return my call? Will she/he reply to my text? Is he a real friend? Am I actually attractive or they are just being nice? Am I actually cool or they are being nice?

In a society where truth is downplayed, people ponder on these questions. When others do not respond or respond in politically correct ways, truth is lost. When truth is lost, people question other people's true motives. They have trouble trusting others. To all the above questions, the answers seem to be uncertain. When the blunt truth is not told, uncertainty rises. The individual has more uncertain questions to worry about.

This is the state of anxiety, which is common in the USA. I hypothesize that lack of truth has caused a lack of trust among the citizens, which breeds anxiety. Go tell the truth even if it offends people and hurts their feelings. Truth is a virtue that warrants these costs.