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Not A Question Of Morality But Of Shame

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Even though we have been told not to criticize women who want to be prostitutes, we won't recommend a friend or a family member to do it. A prostitute may have a legal right to her body. But she is being inconsiderate towards her family, which may be embarrassed by her profession. She is inconsiderate towards her siblings who get laughed at school. How is she gonna respond when her future daughter goes to school and her friends bully her? And make her watch a video of her a customer secretly recorded? What is she gonna tell her grandchildren when they get bullied in school? It is not a question of morality, but of shame and selfishness. Shameless, she’s being selfish to those whose lives are indelibly linked with her.

If Hitler had children, imagine how hard their lives must have been. The whole idea of reparation exists because some people had no shame. Thus, their descendants, out of no fault of their own are shamed and are called privileged.

Our generation has totally been brainwashed to think that shame is a societal invention, which has no moral value. Ask a promiscuous man if he’s gonna tell his sister that he is promiscuous. If he cares about her, he wouldn’t wanna. The same applies to a promiscuous woman. So why put yourself in situations that might result in such confrontations. Shame was the natural defence to that. Thus, have shame. Keep your private life to yourself. And don’t do things that will put you in embarrassing situations. I understand the modern world wants you to think there is nothing shameful about shameful things and that you have been sexually oppressed by old conservative ideas. But they are lying. They themselves have no shame. Don’t do things that embarrass your family, friends, and children. If you do, you are just being selfish.

Humans are not naturally like this. Society has been engineered to be so shameless. Family and community values have been destroyed. People no longer have strong families, nor do they have as many friends as they used to. Many don’t even see themselves getting married and raising children. Until we go back to a normal world where people had families and friends, whom they felt responsible towards, causing them to regulate themselves and not fall for society, we are bound to face a selfish world with no shame. Things that are considered normal are actually not normal. They are weird and should not happen

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