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A Revelation For My US Readers

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

This post is only for my US based readers. Today morning (March 6, 2021), I had this revelation.

I have seen the ugliness (I was there), the fear, and the torment. They will be driven to the lowest, for they have sinned. And shall be made whole again when the time comes. Just what else can be so glorious to see tormented pits of hell turn into fertile lands that bear sweet fruits and flowers, one that animals roam on and children play on, clueless of the wretchedness that once happened. Their descendants won't be devoid of a fantastic history. Centuries down the line, they will tell their children stories of their ancestors and pass down their moral teachings. They will tell them of evil rulers, battles, and moral dilemmas. They will finally be a cultured nation, one that has myths, epics, and traditions, not one that worships man and man-made idols. They will finally become a family rather than a factory. Peace shall return in the interim, until the time comes.

Don't ask me too much about it. I don't know myself.

Update on March 11, 2021 -

They live like a factory, today, like independent units of a production chain, dependent on a master. They have rejected the kinship of men and women. They have chosen to depend on their employers and governments, ie., their masters.

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