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A Simple Model To Control Thought

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Just thinking out loud. Sept 15, 2020

Raise money via taxation and debt. Those who dislike government expenditure charm them with corporations. Of course, the masses don’t know that corporations are not as private as they think. Target women with propaganda. They are easily charmed with money and power. Men don’t fall for propaganda and adverts as easily. From all the way back in middle school, I remember girls worshiping male actors and accepting everything they say as correct. Once brainwashed, women can be used to control men. Men will have to submit to whatever women fancy if they want to get married. Weak men will agree to women to get married. Strong men will stay steadfast. They won’t get married and eventually will have no children. Over a few generations, we can have a generation of people raised by brainwashed women and weak men.

Here’s an example I saw in the American South. Leftist propaganda was getting disseminated via schools and colleges. Religious propaganda (I also call it Churchianity) was getting disseminated via churches. Since churches are exempt from annual reporting ("Annual Exempt"), they are ideal for rich people to commit financial fraud. It is no surprise that mega pastors owned mansions and drove expensive cars. In the south, even jobs were filled in churches.

As you can guess, women primarily fell for both propaganda. They either became feminists or Churchians. As common knowledge goes, no guy is a feminist, but weak men became feminist to get laid. They sold their manhood. The rest had a choice to get on the Churchian boat or stay single forever. Many choose the former. It was hard for me to see what sexuality does to a man. It turns him into a wimp. I can’t believe that so many of them participated in the Churchian delusion just to get laid. They are bound to get mentally ill because of all that behavioral suppression. The girls seemed to be clueless that men are fundamentally not as religious as women (Pew Research Center). In the south, out of every 10 Churchian men, chances are less than 3 buy the delusion.

Eventually, normal men aka moderates were left out. An equal number of women (leftover lefties and Churchians) were left out because normal men didn’t simp to them. This eliminated normal families and normal values. This should be the goal of propaganda. Normal people or moderates keep a nation in balance. They bring extremists together and help reach agreement. Since moderate men won’t find moderate wives and won’t have families, they are likely to be eliminated over time. If you have ever felt why everyone is so weird and crazy, why no one is normal anymore, don’t be surprised.

How do we break out of the matrix? Since taxation won’t discontinue and people won’t withdraw their money from corporations, there is only one way: society must die off. It must become so poor that bureaucracy, which lives on taxation, starves. It must become so poor that people can no longer invest in corporations. Only then can we imagine a world where there is no attempt to rule the mind of man. But our descendants must remember things that caused their ancestors to become mentally enslaved: taxation, love of money (which is why people willingly give their money to corporations), usury, fiat currency, bureaucracy, political correctness, etc.

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