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On Addiction

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

It is very common for people to use a hobby to fight depression. But it is not their hobby which helps them out of it. It is them. Most people today work for others. Their quality of work does not translate into higher incomes, simply because they are not dealing with customers but with bosses. They are dependent on their bosses. They are fundamentally not free. After a long day of doing and saying things they don't want to, it is no surprise they need something that isn't as horrible as their entire day. It must also be quick because they have no time. They come home only to eat, sleep, and show up in the morning for another day of wage slavery. Home is a slave quarter their owners don't pay for. Thus, the substance must be an intense stimulus. An intense stimulus, however, evokes a strong reaction to it, giving it its addictiveness. Their lives are so ugly that lowly pleasures of addictive substances are the best thing in it-- a quick escape to the freedom-land. Hobbies can save only those who have the time to nurture them. Most hobbies, such as playing an instrument, are not strong stimuli. They don't alleviate your mood instantly but your good mood lasts for much longer. Now, people who have supportive friends and family can survive much longer doing things they hate, while loners absolutely can't take it. Loners have simply nothing good in their lives, nothing positive. Loners are with at the extreme left-- depressed and addicted or at the extreme right-- waking up. Consider what a hobby is. It brings the freedom you are missing in your life. It's an expression of freedom, an extension of your will. It gives you a glimpse of what you can be if you were free. If you only stayed there, you wouldn't need trips to the freedom-land. But this freedom is what you were born with. You gave it up because you wanted money, fame, or ladies. You got caught up in the material world. If you can only regain your freedom, you would never have to consume lower means of pleasure to get you going every day. A therapist can't help you. He can give you a temporary fix but he cannot give you freedom. This you must fight for yourself. You must remove everything that diminishes your self, quit everything that disrespects your spirit and abandon all self-regulation. You should take charge and do only what you want to so you allow all of you to be manifested. Do nothing you don't want to, contrary to what schools and society have taught you. Do things that make you happy and touch not those that sadden you. Man is the only being that does things he hates, for he wants money and women. Neither is a worthy goal. That I tell you. When you only do yourself, you experience flow. It allows you to forget everything including yourself. You were not supposed to remember everything anyway. It is only about time you will forget your memories of being addicted, too, as new memories are written. When you don't remember being addicted, you are not addicted anymore. If you are indebted, life will 10 times more difficult. Work only enough to pay your rent and interest. Do not work more. It may be tempting to work more to pay your debt as soon as possible but do not forget that time is much more valuable. You can use the same time to increase your income dramatically or create side income streams. The only exception here may be credit card debt. Interest rates are high enough to justify some more wage slavery. Now, use the rest of your week to work on your interests. You can choose wage and debt slavery for years or do you own thing relentlessly today so you can be a free man someday. Since you are indebted, you are as deep in the water you can be. You should risk it all because you have nothing much to lose. Don't be satisfied working long hours and waiting for a pay raise. Don't be at the mercy of others. Every moment you are not doing what you truly are capable of, you are betraying your destiny. Do the highest thing you can do, and go 100 in. This is your only redemption if you are indebted, not years of slavery. Live your life as if it was your hobby until you realize that your hobby might be your duty, or perhaps not. And don't fall for the system.

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