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Cultural Lies & The Age Of Singledom

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I was told that girls dated to marry. I was told boys are promiscuous. It seemed natural to me because girls get older faster. They have less time to waste. They can also get pregnant, unlike promiscuous guys. I thought they’d get serious in college. Some did. Some were still rejecting men for petty reasons even after graduation. I became more conscious of what boys had told me all along. In college, I never called a girl slut, because I doubted if girls were as promiscuous as boys said they were. The only evidence of female promiscuity familiar to me were data presented in some studies. I had no primary or secondary (from a trusted source) anecdotal evidence of female promiscuity.

Some think that single motherhood is a result of women not being serious early in life and failing to get married on time. Perhaps, there is some weight to that. But I see a bigger problem here. If I was lied to and misled so effectively, chances are girls were also misled. We were never told in school or in college that girls needed to get serious because they mature and decline faster. It was never said in movies or television programs. No one opposed the feminist narrative. Those who did were called misogynists, fired from their jobs, and banned on social platforms. Thus, we never heard from them. Essentially, we are massively uninformed about things that used to be common knowledge. Our generation is blissfully ignorant.

On top of that, by placing girls and boys of the same age together, schools have produced miscommunication between them. In school, boys think that girls are immoral when they are simply sexually more developed. Girls think boys are dumb and immature when they are only sexually underdeveloped. It has to stop for them to like each other again. If boys and girls of all ages (probably how things happened when families were bigger) socialized together, they would understand sexual and emotional growth of both genders better.

The number of leftover women and young single men in feminist countries has skyrocketed. Young men don’t want older women. Older women don’t want younger and poorer men. This is fundamentally a mismatch showing that you can’t engineer society. There is a natural order to everything. You must let that take care of everything.

Things are not working out in the modern world. It is not by chance. I don’t think that men and women have become more evil than usual. It simply seems to be the case that we live in a massively uninformed and engineered world that is not consistent with the natural order. We are simply a lost generation.

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