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All Money Is Worthless

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Imagine an island that has all money of the planet. It has all dollars, euros, and rupees in circulation. It also has all gold and silver of this planet. It has no people, animals, or trees. You can have all the space to yourself.

Imagine another island that has neither gold nor silver. It has trees, animals, insects, creepers, rivers, and mountains. It has bees and flowers. It has people. They live a primitive lifestyle though. Money has not yet been invented.

Where do you want to go? Do you want to go to the island of wealth, where you can have more space than you will ever need and more money than you can ever spend? Or to the island of life, where you will have to coexist without money with other creatures?

No one will take a one-way flight to the island of wealth, because it is really the island of death or hell. Yet this is where people aspire to be, in hell. Now that I painted this picture, I am sure you want to go to the island of life. It has plants and animals you can feed on. You can collect wood and make yourself a shelter. You can drink from rivers. If you want to do better, you can befriend the people there. Perhaps, there is a builder there who can build you a house for a payment of 2kg of meat every day, which you can fetch from the forest. Perhaps, there is a carpenter who can build you furniture for something else in return.

That you want to go to the island of life reflects that all money and gold are worthless. What you really need to survive and prosper are nature, plants, animals, and people, things that humans take for granted. Human cooperation and community values are important. On the island of life, there is no money so people help one another out via barter. They don’t worry about the exact price of their product/service. They demand something of approximately equal value and not worry about the change. Contrary to what you have been told, population is not a burden. Whenever someone says that, ask them to live on the island of wealth. Ask them to go to hell.

PS. when I say worthless, I mean money has no intrinsic value. Its only job is to oil the market. It creates liquidity in the barter system. But none of it means anything if there are no products and services whose exchanges it oils. Gold and silver, however, can be used to make things. You still need people if you want to do more than basic building.

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