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Dec 28, 2018

I am afraid of people who say they are nice. They tell others to be compassionate and to improve themselves. These compassionate self-righteous kinds can blindly ruin entire societies. These are extreme religious groups, like those extreme Christians that preached on the drill field every once a while. These are protest groups like Black Lives Matter, feminazis, anti-speech groups, "I am offended" kinds, "free stuff for the poor" kinds, "be nice to people" kinds, "proud to be fat" kinds, etc.

Blinded by ego and self-righteousness, these guys are unstoppable when they get power. They don't realize that they are blocking the way they thought they were going to make (because they are drunk in self-righteousness) until it's too late, until they mess up big time

In fact, we are the same people who caused, ignored, witnessed, or opposed the revolutions we read about. We are the people who accepted Hitler and Napoleon as our leaders. We are the characters in the Mahabharath and the Ramayan. We are the people who voted to kill Socrates and Jesus. These are not stories of people who lived a long time ago, but of an everlasting present.

Throughout my little experience of life, I have rarely seen an unemployable person. Even those with limited mental abilities and even animals seem to have an edge over machines. Whenever I study neuroscience, I wonder at the insane abilities of this machine called the human brain. The number of neural structures that the brain has far outmatches the most ambitious AI. Also, some areas of the brain are highly plastic, almost as if nothing is impossible for the human brain. Yet somehow, machines and animals have become more employable. We have service dogs, therapy dogs and what not! It is not that humans can't do what machines do. It rather seems to be the case that human capital is heavily regulated, driving its price artificially higher. I am tired of people saying "government needs to create more jobs" when in reality, it needs to get out of the way.

Dec 22, 2018

He who argues, struggles, and fights with you is your friend. He who quietly walks away thinks you aren't worth the struggle. Beware of the sweet talkers.

Dec 21

To play to play and to play to win are really not two different kinds of play. One is play. The other is not. The former is play. The latter is to defeat or get defeated.

In general, to do is to do for doing it, not to get somewhere with the doing. The moment the consequence is thought of, it is no longer doing. Hence, a man who has always done things to get somewhere has probably not done anything at all.

Dec 18

"Mind your own business." & "Why doesn't anyone care about me? Why am I invisible?"

"Don't say this/ that to me." & "No one talks to me. I guess, no one likes me."

"Leave me alone." & " Why am I always left alone?"

"Don't be so nosey." & "Why is everyone so indifferent, so insensitive?"

"Don't tell me what to do." & "Only if someone had told me about it, damn!"

Lately, it has occurred to me, quite objectively, that people themselves have fed into most mundane problems they face. They ask others to be insensitive, not to care, but also wonder why others are insensitive. Every time you rewarded insensitivity and punished/ignored sensitivity, you programmed people to be insensitive. That's behavior modification on a large scale.

Dec 14, 2018

One reason why it is pointless to find people like yourself to be friends with and marry is the mere impossibility of it. Do you just want to have the same place of belonging, or the same eating habits too, or the same religion, too, or the same occupation, too? You see where this is going. There is no end to it until you get to your clone. And guess what, you'll be terribly lonely with your clone because it is no different from being with yourself.

This entire similar to me/dissimilar to me game is kind of an ego chase, which has no endpoint. I see people perpetually stuck in it. How you define yourself determines who's similar to you? How you define yourself is your ego. The more ego you have, the more you define yourself in fixed ways, making you artificially different from others.

If you truly want to understand and befriend others, give up your ego. The more of it you lose, the more you'll find yourself in others, the less bothersome being with different kinds of people will be (whatever that means).

Dec 13, 2018

Put people into groups and they have an incentive to be good/nice. An individual living in a far-off cave probably does not care about good and bad. However, in a group, insecure people uphold all sorts of moral codes to try to be the nicer ones, the better ones. This is partly the cause of insanity among religious and political groups, moral righteousness.

The attempt to be good reveals that they aren't good. You may ask, "should we not even make an attempt?" Yes, you shouldn't even make an attempt. If you are nice, you don't have to attempt nicety unless you are insecure, impure, or both. It's like a guy attempting nicety to get a girl. His attempt implies that he isn't genuine. The only way you can actually be good is by stop trying to be good. That's why I am suspicious when people act nice and carefree when they don't. Moral righteousness is an extremely powerful motivator, these "nice people" capable of the evilest.

"The highest virtue is not virtuous. Therefore, it has virtue. The lowest virtue holds on to virtue. Therefore it has no virtue," Lao Tsu.

Nov 29, 2018

Adherents of all religions claim that God's love is unconditional. The same people exhaust every bit of their energy trying to please God and upholding some sort of moral code. They sacrifice animals like savages, hoping God will reward their savagery. They harshly monitor their actions, whom they talk to, whom they work with, whom they hang out with, whom they marry, what music they listen to, what kind of words they use, etc. They self-regulate so much that they become slaves to their own regulations.

They erect monuments and temples to please God, as if God was insecure and miserable, or as if God holds a grudge against them. They go to great lengths to establish troops, schools, colleges, and a variety of other institutions to serve God as if God was pitiful and helpless. They go even further to convert and wage wars against adherents of other religions. Some spend their entire lives worrying about pleasing God.

To be an object of unconditional love means you do not have to do or be anything at all to receive it. To have any worries or any insecurities is contradictory to the first principle as stated above. Such love is supposed to liberate you, not bind you or constrain you in any way.