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But Humans I Have Always Liked More

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

I marvelled at their ability to connect with dogs and cats. They did not care about the dog's poor hygiene, its inability to speak properly and do algebra, yet they rejected people for petty reasons like their inability to conduct themselves socially or their interest in a different religion or their politically incorrect speech. No human I have known was ever as dirty as dogs. And every human has been much more able to connect, communicate, and engage in relationships better than animals. I, thus, have always preferred humans over animals, but the Americans, not so. How could they extend generosity to animals but not to humans? What caused them to treat humans worse than animals?

In my second year, it occurred to me that they made friends with animals because they could not make friends with humans. Perhaps because dogs couldn't talk back and disagree with them, and hence, can't be "not nice"? Perhaps because they did not have to listen to them? Perhaps because they did not have to self-regulate with them? Perhaps, they did not have to censor their speech so heavily? Did not have to be politically correct? Well, that reveals a fear of judgment (self-regulation)? Perhaps, they did not have to be fake with their dogs?

Perhaps, they did not have to force themselves to be nice, the conscious attempts of which drained them and made them not nice? Perhaps or perhaps not.

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