An Infinite Null Of Agnosia

Updated: Mar 6

Just having fun

You won’t find it in books nor will you find it in songs and hymns.

You won’t find in it academic disciplines nor will you find it in religion.

It is neither in scrolls nor in ancient inscriptions.

It has never been written in words nor will it ever be.

It has never been said nor has it ever been heard.

No teacher can tell you about it.

It can’t be seen, heard, or sniffed. It can’t be known.

You won’t find it anywhere because you are looking for in forms that which is formless.

Soon as you quit looking, it will come seeking you. The more you let go, the more it will come to you.

When you let go of everything and become nothing, you will reach where you started from, the Void, an infinite null.

And it shall be said, “well played, sir.”

It starts with the seeker and ends back at him, at which point the seeker, the seeking, and the sought-after dissolve into one. The journey was merely a game.

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