Another Reason Why Democracy Is Bound To Become Tyranny

Since there are politicians, whose job is to make laws, they would keep making laws even after all the basic laws have been made.

Law-making is pretty much useless once basic laws have been made. In a normal republic, there would be a small body of civil servants. Once all the basic laws have been made, only the judiciary is important.

Demoncracy is a circus, however. Every 4 years is a quest for power. It means every 4 years, people must be convinced that they lack something so they vote for the convincing party. New laws and policies have to be promised to win elections. Thus, it is only natural for the number of laws to incease. Politicians also have to enrich members of the capital class that helped them win elections, provided them free services, and what not. This means they must pass laws that enrich their friends.

As we see, there is no reason to suppose that the number of laws would decrease. As it is with everything, so it is with laws. Few of them may establish freedom. Many of them is a tyrant's fantasy. The more laws are made, the fewer things you can do without legal repercussions.

Think of the game of volleyball. Few rules create the experience. Many would make you feel like you don't want to play, because you can't do anything. You would quit playing.

You can't quit a nation with many laws. This is how people are turned into slaves. You don't play this game, but you can't quit it either.

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