Aren’t You Responsible too?

Updated: Mar 7

1. Money printers control the world with money. Aren’t people who worship money part of the problem? Have philosophers, saints, and prophets not told us to not be greedy?

2. Governments control their people with brute force or with the insidious force of law. They call it rule of law. Aren’t people who gave up moral laws for constitutional laws part of the problem here? Aren’t people who did not maintain harmony and depended on the police for it equally responsible? Weren’t they shedding their moral responsibilities?

3. Women control men with beauty. They suck their wealth and often live off them. Some emotionally abuse them and ruin their children. Aren’t men part of the problem here? Have wise men not warned us to not be superficial?

4. Men control women with money. They use them as objects and discard them as such. When they do marry, they often turn abusive. Aren’t women part of the problem here? Isn’t it common knowledge that women shouldn’t be digging gold. Perhaps, it is not said that men who worship money are often insecure.

5. The education system made wage slaves out of people. Aren’t people who go to college solely to find a job (to be a wage slave) part of the problem? They end up learning only job skills. When a good number of people learn the same set of skills, average wages fall.

Know the principle - all sins must be paid for. If you are driven by immoral motives, you will pay for it.

Why Are Rich Men Insecure?

The principle was revealed to me when I was about 12. As a 7th grader, I used to wonder why some of my classmates studied so hard. What drove them? My drive could be explained by my fascination with physics and with truth, in general. They didn't appear intrinsically motivated at all. Having observed many top performers, I noted a commonality. Most of them didn't have good friends. They were insecure and overall unsatisfied with life. When they did well academically, teachers appreciated them. They got prizes. Neighbors talked well of them. Perhaps, they thought studying hard could get them what average guys had by default -- a better social life. In fact, in school, I was a top scorer but hung out mostly with average guys. They were simply happier and more satisfied with their lives.

The topic was revisited in college. I noted that insecure men were more likely to pursue engineering and business. They thought money would bring them happiness and a better quality of life. It implies that they were both unhappy and unsatisfied with life. Those who were happy lived normal lives. They didn’t care about money as much. Thus, I saw the principle again-- men and women who are happy and secure don’t chase anything because they are already fulfilled. Men who feel lack chase money and fame. Women who are unfulfilled chase men who have money and fame. Here, Anneke Lucas talks about why insecure people are addicted to power @1:20.

We can do mighty good if we extend our friendship unconditionally to everyone so our insecure peers can experience friendship. The valuable things in life are friendship, arts, sports, science, philosophy, and of course, Dragon Ball Z. We must give these out freely so our insecure peers get a taste of them. Hopefully, it may allow them to quit chasing fame, money, and other objects of illusionary value.

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