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Avoid Discrimination & Nepotism By Becoming A Free Agent

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

When I was in college, I applied for many on-campus jobs. I rarely ever made it to interviews. There used to be huge lines for minimum wage jobs. I had to get a fancy suit and boots to even get a chance. Looking back, I understand that interviews were merely a formality. The recruiters already knew who they were going to hire: people from their friend circle and their student organizations.

I never stood a chance. Since the campus was very left-leaning, you were supposed to advocate for social justice, higher minimum wages, LGBT rights, and hate Trump. Heck, I didn't even know who Trump was. However, I used to heavily criticize political correctness and feminism. Perhaps, I was asking for it. They did give it to me.

Once I finished college, I started to understand what had happened. From the outside, things looked clear. Colleges discriminate against normal people. I was normal. In fact, on YouTube, I found out that colleges all over the US were doing it. They had all turned into leftist propaganda outlets. My experience was not a localized occurrence but an instance of a nationwide, perhaps a global, phenomenon.

Post-college, I started looking for work in Starkville. I thought I finally would not be discriminated against for being normal, not a deadbeat lefty. I was wrong. Starkville had its own form of control. It was a majority Chrurchian town. They discriminated against non-Churchians, exactly how folks at Mississippi State discriminated against non-liberals. I discovered that most jobs were filled in churches, which was partly the reason why people joined them. Most businesses were affiliated with one church or another.

Why are discrimination and nepotism so common? Because these practices allow people to protect and continue their dogmas. Leftist institutions don't want normal people working there. They want people who not only would support their dogma but also add to it. The same is true for Churchains. They want to hire Churchians, so they don't have to face any alternate views about sin, heaven, and divinity. They don't want to allow themselves to come across anything that may challenge their dogma and make them uncomfortable. Similarly, every institution has its dogma. People who believe in the same dogma are hired and promoted. If you oppose the dogma, you are not welcome.

When do institutions not discriminate? When it costs more it benefits. Imagine an institution that is looking for an engineer. Engineering is a hard job. You can't get your friend to do it. Thus, nepotism won't work. If there are not many people who can do it, you don't have the opportunity to discriminate. Thus, I found that only highly and uniquely skilled people can't be discriminated against. If you don't want to get discriminated against, pursue a hard field. Be uniquely skilled. If you apply for easy jobs, you will be discriminated against. And most jobs are easy.

Therefore, I have another answer for you. Don't waste your time on jobs. Sell valuable products and services. This is how I made some income in college. It was far easier than getting a job. You don't need a fancy degree, suit, or shoes. You don't have to agree to stupid things either. No, salary is not safer than profit. All salaries come from profits. People stop discriminating when their own money is on the line, when they want the best product. Ever seen people not going to a Mexican restaurant because it has Mexican employees? But the same people will discriminate if Mexicans come looking for a job. No one discriminates when they buy products (be it Chinese, Korean, or Indian), but, in hiring, discrimination is the very rule. Why is it? When hiring, they are not looking for the best candidate, because most jobs are very easy. You don't have to be great to do them. While purchasing however, they don't want to get a sub-par product, because they would feel like an idiot.

I don't worry about discrimination and nepotism, because those practices only occur in employment, which I have already established is not the correct way to conduct economic life. If you do it the right way, discrimination and nepotism will get out of your way.

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