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Be Like A Tree. Don't Serve Money

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Friends: "Tsu, you write all this shit on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Insta, but no one likes your posts. Why are you wasting your time?

Me - "River flows whether or not you drink from it. Ocean rolls whether or not you surf on it. Tree bears fruits whether or not you eat from it. The sun shines whether or not you bathe under it. Non-intentionality appears to be in the very nature of the universe. Intentionality seems to be the nature of the ego. You strive to bring about a change whose variables are not in your control.

In 2018, I shared the above post on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Now, I have more to add to it.

A tree does not care if you eat from it. It just keeps giving. Everything in nature is like this. But humans produce only as much as they get paid for. Human productivity is capped by money. Thus, they always live in an artificially produced scarcity. So long they work for money, they are destined to be destitute because they won't produce as they can. They are destined to be slaves to those who issue money. We can say that money makes people poor. Frankly, this is exactly what they deserve.

If everyone produced like I do, there would be no need for money. There would be an abundance of everything. Humanity will reach a higher level of civilization and will no longer be enslaved and impoverished by money.

P.S. A sound currency can also solve the problem of productivity's getting capped. Here is an example.

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