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Beware Of History Books

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Before we begin, we must acknowledge that most are clueless about the present. Just what makes you think we have any clue of history.

I found the old NCERT history textbook for standard 7. In 2007, a new book was introduced.

Chapter 11 of "India And The World" is about the Vedic Civilization. On page 90, I found these two paragraphs.

Here, we see that one family could have all varnas if the members practiced different occupations. Now, people have been divided into castes. They have become political tools.

Here, we see that women were considered equal to men. They also understood that land cannot be privately owned because land does not belong to humans. It isn't man-made.

On page 89, I found this paragraph -

Here, we see the king did not rule the kingdom with force. Instead, he guided the people.

The same information is provided in the new book, although the account isn't the same, as you. On page 48 in the new book, it is said that the priests divided society into castes based on birth. Women weren't equal. The old book appears to present the Vedic Civilization in a positive light, while the new one, not so. The new book can be found here.

It is dangerous that a few people control what the entire nation of India studies and grows up to believe. The worst part is these people are not elected. You can't vote them out. See how powerful they can be. They can change history and over a billion people wouldn't even notice.

Update on Aug 22, 2021:

China is rewriting history.

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