Beware Of The Kind

Updated: Mar 6

Those who say "discuss your feeling, reach out, etc" are lying to you. Chances are they don't care about you themselves. You will never become emotionally composed that way, rather run to a friend or an emotional support animal whenever someone calls you fat.

These weak men and women are implanting expectations in your psyche, expectations of how others should treat you. But no one is obligated to conduct himself that way. If you allow yourself to harbor those expectations, you are bound to be disappointed in almost every social interaction. You are bound to be pathetic. Therefore, let go of all expectations. Allow others the freedom to conduct themselves the way they want to. The moment you let go of your expectations from people, you are a free man.

The reason people say all that weak shit is that it resonates with youth. They have a lot of struggles on their plate. It sounds good and compassionate. It creates an atmosphere in which the youth can celebrate their collective misery, instead of growing above it. Don't allow that to happen to you. Let go of all lies media has told you. Let go of all that popular culture, teachers, colleges have told you.

Feel free to tell your problems, but hold no expectations. If they cared, give them gratitude. If they didn't, understand they are not obligated to. No one is here for you. You were born alone and will die alone. Take that as given.

PS. 8/10 people who ask you to reach out probably have missed calls because they were too busy watching Netflix. They are not the solution, but the symptoms of the real problem, which is some (the nice and the kind cults) people have sold fake expectations to people to get liked by them. They don't really care. When people wake up to it, they get depressed.

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