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Lessons From The Chinese Virus

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

1. Governments and corporates go broke if they are jobless for merely two months. More than 100 nations are begging the IMF for money. Even the common man survives better when he is unemployed for 2 months. 2. The corporatocracy needs the common man, not the other way round. If he quits spending and watches TV at home, corporatocracy won't survive. It thrives on mindless consumption. They need your money. You don't need most of what you buy. 3. The common man is financially more responsible than the rulers of the Earth. The crisis reveals that most corporations had little to no savings and a lot of debt. Governments are much worse. Almost all governments on this planet are indebted. Only the common man lives within his means. When he loses his job, he reduces his expenses, moves into a cheaper apartment or lives in a car until he gets back on his feet without anyone's help. He does all of it without any sympathy from the media or help from the banks.

4. Minimum wage is a job killer. The US is struggling with a shortage of normal goods. The $7.25 minimum wage increased the cost of production so much that it became more economical to buy goods from China than to produce them on US soil. This dependence has now become costly. 5. Governments are dumb. When the supply chain suffers, the money supply must contract naturally for the market to be balanced. But governments all around the world have only been pumping more money in the market, which is a classic mistake government have historically made. Looks like they do not learn from history. The right solution was to restore the supply chains and allow new supply chains to emerge. This is achieved by deregulating the market and reducing taxation to the minimum. The US can reduce unemployment dramatically if they repeal the minimum wage law. It would allow them to regain the industries they have lost to China. Read more about it here 5. Do not do meaningless shit. In times of peace, people get soft. In times of crisis, important things start to matter again. Suddenly, no one is paying attention to athletes, popstars, and actors. No one cares about YouTubers popping bubble wraps. Do not pursue meaningless and soft things. Do jobs that are important. Produce things that are valuable.

6. Climate change may be human induced. In just two months of lock down, air quality has dramatically increased. The Sun feels better too. The ozone layer may be healing. Last year, April was so hot that it was impossible to go out. I used to have to cover my body and my face to avoid getting sick. I had to use an umbrella to protect myself from the scorching Sun. It was advised not to go out unless one had to. This year, summer hasn't even arrived yet.

The same evidence can be used to make a counter agreement too. Human impact on climate is minimal that the earth can repair itself within a month. But there is no denying that there is human impact and it's negative.

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