Correlation Does Not Imply Non-Causation either

Updated: Oct 11

Statists and vaccine apologists (SVAs) have downloaded a catchphrase from their server: correlation does not imply causation.

Although the statement is right, it is incomplete. Correlation does not imply non-causation either. Plus, it can be fatal if you are having to say it repeatedly.

Correlation attracts attention. It calls for further research, not for its dismissal. Imagine you start to sneeze and wheeze every time you eat an orange. I can say that it is a matter of chance. However, if I find myself saying that too often, you might be allergic to orange. It is also foolish to ignore all correlations. Father absence is correlated with poverty and crimes. You would be foolish to ignore that.

Lack of evidence of causality does not prove non-causality. It only proves that we don't know. We, thus, must be humble. All causations are correlations even though all correlations are not causations.

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