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The Covert Struggle Will Now Be Overt

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

They won't get into wars again, won't ever keep slaves, won't ever take away women's rights, and won't believe in superstitions anymore. Some believe that humans have grown up and become more intelligent. Chances are, they are just as immoral as they have always been. Modern circumstances have only subverted their inclinations. Today, almost every nation has police and courts. People can't keep slaves anymore, because slavery is illegal, but there is no guarantee they wouldn't if otherwise. This development has been brought about via the force of law, not via moral development. You can tap that hole in the bucket to stop the outflow of water, but you can't fix the bucket that way. Another hand of force is the media. If anyone does anything immoral today, the media will announce its judgment without a fair trial. Even if a court acquits the accused, the media will never apologize. The harm is already done. It may be as much as nationwide public embarrassment, unemployability, and difficulty living civilly with society. While some have found opportunities in virtue signalling, the rest have been forced to be moral. Their internal moral struggle has been subverted. Another hand of force is political correctness. In countries where means of production are held by a few elites, people can't say anything that can be even remotely rude (defined as anti-status quo). They must please their teachers in schools so they can get good recommendations for college. They must do the same in college if they are hoping to find an internship and subsequently a job. This must sweet talk and lick boots in the workforce if they want to move up. Thus, there are huge benefits to playing nice and kind. This doesn't mean that people have become nicer or kinder than they were before. They have only become faker. All this faking is draining the modern man, however. He's getting sick of playing the nice guy to get academic and professional opportunities. He's getting sick of being fake. It is no surprise that mental illness is rising in all industrialized nations. It is obvious that truth is dying. However, the collective sentiment is changing. The elites have pushed their game so far that society is falling apart. They literally own everything. As society recedes further and life becomes more difficult and pessimistic, people will change. Media and pop-culture consumption will decline. People will spend less. We will soon reach a point where there won't be any incentive to be fake anymore or to play nice or to virtue signal. Play nice? For what? For jobs that don't exist? To virtue signal to a society that is already broken and dysfunctional? When unemployment soars and poverty increases, people will fight for opportunities, not lick boots for it. Bootlicking works in schools and colleges, both of which will decline. People pleasing and sweet-talking won't take you anywhere in a receding economy. This means employers won't be hiring subpar women to fill up diversity quotas. When profit margins get slim, skillsets will become more important than office politics, fake shit, and virtue signalling. People will become honest and savage. They will openly criticize their governments, their schools, their colleges, and their neighbours. They will openly say what they think. They will tell the truth because there won't be any benefits of lying. They will no longer care.

Times of peace allowed people to be peaceful. They didn't become peaceful. Times of scarcity has now begun. People will become who they were before they suppressed the inclination to play the nice guy. Be ready for a rude awakening, for you shall see the wolves in sheep's clothing. The battle going on covertly will now be overt. On the positive side, it will become easier to spot virtuous people, for they shall stand the test of scarcity. They will keep it 100 no matter how hard life gets. Consider censorship. Very few knew about it just a few years ago. YouTube and social media were free for people to say and post anything. Censorship was rare and covert. But now they are going all out. It is no longer a secret that all social media companies and big corporates censor content and shadowban people. People who own these companies live amongst us and with us, as if they are doing nothing wrong. It is like people can't see that they have been slowly enslaved. Their masters live amongst them. They know it yet accept it passively. The time has come when propaganda around feminism, racism, religious tolerance, and equality will all end. People have not morally developed contrary to popular opinion. They had been forced to be moral. When the immorality in the minds of men starts to manifest overtly, people will go all out.

Update on Nov 29, 2020 -

No more shadowbanning. It's all in your face now
No more shadowbanning

Now they censor people and let them know it. There is nothing you can do about it. No more shadowbanning. Imagine the power trip they get when they think that mundane people have no power. They are mere slaves to the establishment.

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