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Destructive Ideas Floating Online

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Journal entry from May 14, 2020

Modern pop ideas are very socially destructive. It tells people to cut off friends who don’t pamper them. If tells youth to find meaning inside before they look for a partner. New age ideas make relationships look like dependency or a burden. Guess what! Humans are dependent on one another. Look up “supply chain”.

Although it is good to find satisfaction within oneself and to live detachedly, young people are nowhere ready for it. If they were, they would already be detached. We are talking about people who either are unemployed or overworked. All this spiritual bullshit has made people think low of attachment and dependency. It is amazing how many have ego problems. They suffer in seclusion but harbor too big of an ego to depend on someone.

An 18-year-old is not ready for enlightenment. It may take him almost a decade before he even begins his journey. Attachment is important until one understands detachment and becomes ready for it. A child is dependent on her mother for food and security. When she grows up, she’ll depend on her friends. We can tell the mother to abandon her so she grows up and become detached and independent. But we see the problem with it. She is not ready for it. She will either destroy herself or actually attain enlightenment at an early age, the possibility of the former being infinitely larger than that of the latter. But early ages are not for seeking enlightenment. They are for being a child. Exactly like that, people need friends and a life partner to support them in life. Without these support structures, they fall apart. Pop psychology is demeaning relationships which is partly why people don't have them anymore.

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