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Updated: Mar 6, 2022

People seem to set up organizations under influence of pride. They think others don't have what they have or they have something special. They want to preserve it for others and later generations, but nothing can be preserved. Change or transience is the very rule of nature. What today is, tomorrow won't. One day, it will be forgotten like it never was. It is merely pride that makes man think that he can make something permanent. Great kings made great monuments that no longer exist. No one even knows who those kings were.

When I was in the US, I saw the same problem with Churchianity. Missionaries traveled to distant lands to convert gentiles. They did so because they wanted everyone to be Churchain. They were incapable of thinking in terms of cosmic time. They couldn't foresee that all modern religions would become ancient forgotten religions 5000 years down the line and their dream of universal Churchaindom would one day become a lost dream that no one knows about. New religions that we don't know of will emerge. In their attempt to plan a future for humanity I saw pride and foolishness. In that high, they were violating the present. They were failing to conduct life morally in the present. I have written more about them here.

Get out of your body. See things from a cosmic perspective. You will see the futility of most things man does and the importance of honoring the present and the immediate, things that people ignore. To love one's neighbor is an example of that.

This does not mean you shouldn't do anything. Do whatever you want, but do to do. Don't worry about bringing about a permanent change or establishment. It is not in your hand. You are here only for a second on the scale of cosmic time. Action alone is in your hand. Do it and forget about it. If you want to set up an organization, do it for the fun of it. Don't think it will be immortal. You, everything you own, and everything you do will be forgotten like nothing ever happened.

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