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Don't Be Pathetic

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

1. No one gives a shit. This is the cold hard truth.

1. 1. Anyone who says he cares is simply lying to you.

1. 2. Why? They have their own sob story. They are obsessed with their own shit. 1. 3. Nobody wakes up to think about you much like you don't wake up to think about others.

1. 4. Your sob story is irrelevant.

1. 5. Nobody owes you anything.

1. 6. Hold no expectations.

2. Instead, forget your sob story and move on.

2. 1. Forget yourself. Just delete all of it. Read The Freedom Of Self-Forgetfulness.

2. 2. Quit holding on to things that make you weak. Let go of deadwood.

3. Instead of being pathetic, you should be grateful.

3.1 As I stated in Laws Of Hustle, some were born blind, deaf, or both. Some were killed before birth. Some were trafficked and sacrificed. Some were orphaned because their families were killed in war. Some are chronically malnourished.

3.2 Life could have been 1000 times worse than it is.

3.3 Whatever I went through, I knew there was someone out there who had it 10 times worse. This gave me courage, kept me humble and grateful.

3.4 You become weak when you are self-centered. You ruminate on your own problems and forget about your blessings.

Let go of your stupid sob story. And move one. Count your blessings. Be grateful.

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