Don't Ever Give Up Your Vision

Updated: Apr 6

I am not sharing a story of success here but one of failure. I want to take you 10 years ago.

It was my last year of high school. I wanted an interdisciplinary education. I wanted to travel to the US because I had heard that I could be undeclared there and even design my own program.

Fast forward two years, I barely made it to college. Only Mississippi State had accepted me. But I started enjoying my course and discovered that neuroscience was my calling. It had an element of psychology, which I had already developed an interest in, but was not all theory. It was a hard science and also interdisciplinary. But Mississippi State did not have a neuroscience program for undergraduate students.

In my second semester, Spring 2016, I came up with two plans. I applied to transfer to Amherst college, which did have a neuroscience program. For plan B, I decided to make my own major: a mix of psychology, physics, and educational psychology. Since psychology and physics were housed in the same college, I had to pick one discipline from another college, which I chose to be Ed. Psych. Of course, my parents were furious that I was wasting my time and their money on stupid things. And they were right. If I wanted to chase my goals, I should have not taken any funding from them.

I really wanted a good on-campus job so I wouldn't feel too bad about chasing my dreams with my family's funding. I worked tirelessly to get an on-campus job that spring and the following summer. But I failed. That summer, Amherst rejected me too. I went back and removed psychology and physics courses from my schedule and added business courses. I conceded. I thought Management would not be too far from psychology, but it was. In Spring 2017, I tried Marketin