Don't Give Cheerfully If You Can't Accept Cheerfully

Updated: Mar 6

Fake gurus have taught people to help others and be nice to them. But they have skipped the other part --asking for help. You can't help people if they don't seek help or accept help. Giving freely and accepting freely go together. You can't give something that people are not comfortable taking.

Since people are uncomfortable asking for help, they end up begging governments, banks, and religious institutions, i.e., their masters, who know very well that people are dependent on them because they are too proud to reach out to their neighbors and strangers for help, while you are sitting wide open, waiting to be a do-gooder.

Thus, it is pointless to encourage people to help others without encouraging them to seek and accept help. Charity is useless if people are too egotistical to accept it. Cheerful giving goes with cheerful receiving.

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