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Don't Let The Internet Steal Your Life

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

You can have the experience of meeting 1000 people who you kinda know or you can have 5 people you are good friends with. When people realize this, social media will end.

You never meet people on the internet, you only experience meeting them. The meeting never actually happened. You met them virtually (virtual means not real). This is why people on the internet feel dissatisfied and disconnected.

Schools and colleges will not die. Virtual education will never replace them, though it will definitely eliminate schools and colleges that provide sub-par education. An education experience is not just watching a lecture that you will soon forget. It is a holistic experience. It comprises walking to and back from class, meeting others of the same age, joking around with friends, learning from them, celebrating birthdays and marriages, eating with friends in the cafeteria, interacting with professors, etc. There is a lot more to an educational experience than watching an online lecture like a useless piece of shit. Heck, people don't even maintain good hygiene when they don't do out in society. People who went to college can probably remember themselves sitting in a classroom listening to the professor. They probably even remember how the classroom smelt and what other students who sat around them were like. This real experience allowed them to absorb and retain the course content. People who watch lectures online will have a hard time retaining what they learnt. Over time, they will get sick of it. No matter how hard humans try, they can't recreate real life. They will have massive regrets when they realize how much time they blew up living a virtual life and having virtual experiences on the internet.

Similarly, people who are building businesses online will also get sick of it. A meeting on the web is not a real meeting. Every zoom call is a virtual experience. Once people realize they are throwing away their lives living a virtual life like a node in the matrix, they will have massive regrets. Sure, there is money to be made on the internet, but the cost of it is too much. Every single moment you spend on social media you took that moment away from real life and forever lost it to eternity. Don't get enamoured by money and fame. Neither is worth throwing away your life.

Tell me your top 10 experiences in life. I bet not one of them happened on the internet. Tell me about the last time you were truly joyful. I guarantee it did not happen on the internet. The moment people realize that the internet has sucked them into a virtual world and they have lost so much time to it, they will get massively depressed.

What concerns me is whether the next generation will even know how life was before the internet. I grew up before the internet. I had a Facebook in high school, but I rarely opened it. And life was good. I wonder if people who grow up doing things virtually will ever experience how good life was before the matrix.

If it goes like this, one day people may become sick of everything digital. Then, they will pay people to tell them stories in real life rather than on a lifeless screen.

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