Emergence Of Tribalism On Campus

Updated: Mar 6

Found this document on Grammarly written probably in early 2019. I am reflecting on my experience at Mississippi State

It was a de facto socialist regime. Truth was replaced with propaganda. Political correctness took the place of honesty. But truth and honesty build trust without which a society is reduced to merely the sum of its individual. Society is the synergy that happens when individuals come together to build one another. Trust is a prerequisite.

When moral values are eliminated, tribalism emerges. These tribes are sub-societies where individuals hope to find the moral values missing in society. It is already common knowledge that universities preach moral relativism. It was pointless to expect moral behavior from them. Thus, when they promoted racial, ethnic, and religious groups to us, most fell for it. These sub-societies promised their members a set of moral principles that make life easy, such as truth, trust, and honesty. These values were missing on campus. However, I found those groups deeply divisive and antisocial. I wanted people to work things out among themselves instead of finding a toxic safe space.

But these divisions have unintended consequences. Group polarization and groupthink followed. Soon, people were hanging out in close groups defined by their religion, ethnicity, and race. It was pathetic. Even animals don't do that. A sense of us vs them emerged. Boundaries emerged. It allowed people to be unfair and discriminatory to people from other groups.

So long a group is more moralistic that society, people stay in it. When morality is restored in society, they tend to come back. Younger open-minded members come out of their bubbles. However, older members continue to stay loyal to their tribe. These guys get too fixed in their ways. They permanently become hateful towards outgroups. They often infect their children with the same hate. I saw the sowing in the minds of men hatred and bias against people who belong to a different race, religion, or ethnicity. A place that prided itself with liberalism and diversity was sowing seeds of hate.

For a nation to be strong and united, people must accept truth and honesty as the very status quo, not as subjective values. We saw what happens otherwise. People breaking into groups to find those values again was the Universe's attempt to restore objective moral principles. Compare this to the concept of the invisible hand making a market free and fair.

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