Everything May Be An Illusion Of Light

Updated: Mar 6

Nov 8, 2020


Everything may be an illusion of light or of what we call light.

Consider what he sees when a man looks at Earth from a planet that is 100 light-years away. He is looking at the events on Nov 8, 1920. Wonder what is going on!

Consider a man who is looking from a plant that is 500 light-years away from us, somewhere near Betelgeuse. He is looking at what’s going on Nov 8, 1520.

Now, let’s go to a man who is enjoying the show from a planet that is about 2000 light-years away. He is probably looking at young Christ, curious what he's gonna say.

What is going on Earth depends on where you are looking from. We like to say that what is really going on is what is happening right now. But that’s an egocentric view of the Universe. You are not the center of the Universe, remember? Technically, everything that has happened, is happening, and possibly is ever gonna happen is happening right now. The difference is merely a matter of perception. An ego-centric perception creates illusions of distance and time. For a cosmic being, there is no point of view because it is omnipresent. It is cosmic.

Once we get over our ego-centric perspective, it may occur to us that all of us may be illusions of light that look different from different points of view/localized egos.  

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