Evils Produced By Redistribution Of Money

Updated: Mar 6

May 13, 2019

I used to walk from department to department, passing out my resume: Admissions and Scholarships Office, Housing, Dining, every office in Allen Hall, Butler Hall. I was looking for work. Everyone would always tell me that all their positions had been filled. I didn't know why every position was perpetually filled. Some were open. I saw those online. Post-rejection, the recruiter at the gym told me she did not hire me because I was dressed unprofessionally. During the interview, she did not ask me why though. In the following summer (this is the summer of 2017), I emailed her to ask if any positions had opened up. She denied and went ahead to hire people I knew.

Staff at the international institute told me they hired only work-study students. That was a lie, which I discovered when they hired a friend of mine. I applied to the library every semester but never heard back. I was once told they only hired students on work-study. That was a lie, too. I used to apply to the learning center every semester. Not once did I hear back in 4 semesters.

Barnes and Noble accepted my resume. When I called, they told me they were reviewing other resumes chronologically. That was very ethical. They reviewed for a long time. When they stopped taking calls, I showed up to ask about the progress. They fended me off. Eventually, one day they mentioned they hired someone who had applied before me. I accepted that.

Some teachers swindled me into purchasing books we didn't need. Some made us buy expensive but stupid access codes.

They came up with so many dumb classes just to extend graduation and make more money in the process. No matter how hard I tried to convince them that I did not want to spend $110 on Stats 1 access code because I knew the course material, they still stole my money. Of course, I went out to embarrassingly destroy Stats 1 and then State 2 where my average remained 100.

During all this experience, I gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. Until proven guilty with concrete evidence, I accepted them as innocent. For all rejections, I blamed myself. Within the next two years, a good majority of the people above were proven to be liars and fakes. Some think they did not like me because I had a different skin color. Some think I was treated unfairly because I openly voiced some opinions that were right-leaning.

A question then emerges: why would an individual act irresponsibly? Dr. Tom Carskadon said in Social Psychology (Spring 2016), "in any organization, people are more interested in fulfilling their own goals than those of their organization." This is cynical, but Dr. Carskadon can be right only when people can get away with keeping their self-interests prior to their organisation's or if the organization is too big to fail or is a monopoly.

If we think carefully, when a public institution satisfies all three conditions, it becomes a scam, such as the Federal Reserves. The last two conditions are generally met by all public institutions. This is how people working at public institutions are bound to breed irresponsibility, including all forms of discrimination, just because they can. But who cares? If they are supported by public money, it does not matter. If their performance and income are not positively causally related, there is no incentive for them to make correct decisions.

People at a public institution can afford to discriminate when they hire because their performance is not linked with their income. At Mississippi State, most individual departments had their fixed budgets. Employee income probably depended on how big of a budget their department had, not on how good they performed. People working at a publicly funded institution do not have much incentive to act reasonably. My bio teacher told me we would use the book.

A private restaurant must hire waiters/waitresses who can engage customers and provide great service. A free public restaurant would be more inclined to hire friends and relatives because income is already fixed. Even if they get no customers, they would get whatever was allocated in the budget. People will on their inclinations because they can.

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