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1. Consider a young man who asked out two women. One thought he was just a creep, a nobody. She refused to get to know him. The other didn't know him, which is why she agreed to a coffee date. This is faith. It allowed her to give him a chance when there was no evidence for or against him.

2. A friend asked you for a loan. Is he gonna pay back or leave you hanging? If you think he is not gonna pay back, that is your belief about him. If you give him the benefit of the doubt because you don’t really know, that’s faith.

3. Atheism. Scientifically inclined people say there is no evidence of anything holy or divine. But lack of evidence doesn't prove the contrary. To say there is no God assumes that you know that which you are denying. And you may be right. That idol may be a farce, like all idols.

A woman of evidence thinks that you suck until proven otherwise. A woman of faith thinks you are awesome until proven otherwise. A WOE thinks you are stupid until proven otherwise. A WOF thinks you are smart until proven otherwise. The former is a poor change of character and is bound to err fatally. The latter is a good and fair judge. In the eyes of the former, you can only gain respect; in that of the latter, you can only lose it.

The first girl above thinks she already knows that the man is no good. But the faithful girl allows him to introduce himself. Faith allows her to ask more questions. Who knows who he really is! Thus, faith is giving someone/something a chance when there is no evidence to the contrary. When you lack faith, you accept what you know as true. You act under influence of knowledge. But you don't know anything. Your knowledge is an ilusion.

Faith goes along with not knowing. It allows you to accept your ignorance. When met with lack of evidence, you accept that you don’t know, which humbles you. Humility attracts wisdom and wise beings. It is capable of leading you to agnosia or not knowledge. Those who lack faith, however, are not comfortable with not knowing. Therefore, they need a comforting belief system, also known as religion.

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