False Gods

Updated: Mar 6

What you consider above everything is your God. But no matter what you consider above everything, you are bound to worship a false God, for you don't know what is above everything.

And you can't know. The highest is a superlative value. For eg, the tallest building has to be formless. The moment you give it a form, a building even taller can be conceptualized. Thus, if you know that which is unknown, whose name I don't want to take in vain, you are probably deluded.

Absolute perfection can be understood only as an ideologically superlative value. The moment you give it a material value, you imply comparative values and a superlative value. Thus, absolute perfection must have no form, no attribute, and no definition. It is like infinity. The moment you give it a value, it is no longer infinity.

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