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Feminism Is A Scam

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Politicians don't care about women. They only care about their [women's] votes. But the illusion is so real that women dislike men who despise feminism and vote for men who support it. I remember girls in high school delivered speeches on women empowerment. They knew teachers would like it and all the girls would stand behind them. It is was no different from college guys' praising God to get attention from Christian girls.

Hollywood celebrities don't care about women either. They pamper women and support feminism only to get into women's purses. They only want attention dollars and subscription payments from women.

Corporations don't care about feminism either. Since modern women earn and like to spend money, corporations want some of it. Advertisements that target women either attack their self-esteem or gas them up. They always use psychological manipulation. No one likes fat girls, but corporations pamper them to wring out whenever money they can from them. Body positivity is a scam to prey on fat women's money.

Women can't seem to figure out that are just being taken advantage of. No man is a feminist in the modern sense of the word. They act like they are only to get laid, grow their social media, get votes, or sell to women. Feminism is just a pleasing tactic to take advantage of women. No one really cares about women.

People, in general, do not care about others, men or women. They have their own problems and want things for themselves. Women need to understand that the establishment is not their ally. The day women lose the ability to vote, no politician would ever again speak about scholarships for women, welfare, domestic violence, etc. It is the same tactic that Democrats use in the US. They establish themselves as pro-African Americans because they want the votes. If blacks didn't have the vote, they would have never added race to their agenda. Black Lives Matter might have not existed.

The illusion of feminism is really a result of democracy. Democracy, as I have said previously, is just a people-pleasing contest. When it ends, all the illusions will dissipate. And the underlying reality will become self-evident. Women will again lose access to women-only scholarships, welfare, child support, etc. Without these benefits, women will incur a loss in their spending power. Once that happens, the media, celebrities, and corporations will no longer support feminism. They will no longer accept fat women. Feminism will end when the era of democracy slowly morphs into an era of tyranny.

Society has not changed. Democracy has only masked it.

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