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For Truth To Be Revealed, All knowledge Must Be destroyed.

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

People think that love, morality, and friendship are mythical or merely theories. But they are. People have been brainwashed via education, media, books, etc. Perhaps, it should have happened. Love as presented in novels and media is not what love is. Morality as presented in religious institutions is not what it is. Therefore, it facilities the reappearance of truth that people must become atheistic about everything. Old ideas and illusions that came with them must die. Once they give up their false notions, truth can be revealed again. And the revelations shall be objective, not fantasies of men.

I used to say to Churchians back in the American South that they must give up all knowledge of God if they wish to see the unknown. See, I won’t even take its name in vain. I don’t think they took me seriously though.

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