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Forces of Good vs Forces of Evil

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Every once in a while, I come across videos like this.

I spend more time reading comments because it tells me how brainwashed people have become. Even children know how to make friends.

Somehow, jobs, competitions, meaningless consumption to show off, and ego have chased friends away. And people are blaming those they were never friends with. Love is also dying. Many don’t even seek love anymore. From relationships, they seek physical intimacy or marriage. The former brings temporary satisfaction to men, while the latter gives power to women. People are failing at the most basic things in life. They are failing at life but blaming others. Given how proud humans are, perhaps, this is exactly what they must face to be humbled. I feel like forces of evil are dominating the good side. Everything else is merely a consequence of it. Forces of evil include religion, the will to control others, love of money, pride, most isms that divide people, lust, etc.

The will to control others has many forms. You see it in teachers, parents, and political leaders. Control doesn’t allow the controlled to develop and mature fully. Controlling parents damage than children. Controlling teachers retard their pupils. Controlling governments retard entire nations socioeconomically.

People pay for 16 years of education to one day become corporate slaves. Then, they sell away decades of their lives to the same corporations. The earnings they make they reinvest in the same corporations, empowering them in the process. Our corporate lords are not separate entities trying to rule mankind. They are manifestations of man’s love of money.

Pride has many forms: of family, race, nation, religion, etc. I say reject them all. Proud parents fail to castigate their children when the time comes. Proud children keep listening to their parents when they shouldn’t. People proud of their race fail to criticize their own kind. Proud citizens fail to criticize their nation when they sin against other nations. People proud of themselves fail to see within them the potential of evil. A man free of pride knows that he houses within himself both the sinner and the saint.

Finally, sex has received a bad reputation due to religion. Sex is not evil. Lust is, for it has power over the mind of man. Just how many men and women have lied and deceived others under the influence of lust? How many have rejected love for lust? When I see a lustful man, I see a man possessed by a demon. He manipulates women into having sex with him. Women possessed by lust cheat on their husbands. The demon of lust disposes people to lying, cheating, deceiving, etc.

If we want to return to a peaceful world, we must join the good side. We must rekindle two great forces of good: friendship and love. Become friends with everyone. No man wants to sin against his friend. In fact, he acts in his best interests. It is not normal to have no friends. Don’t watch any media that tells you otherwise. Don’t listen to people who say that someone does not deserve your friendship. These ideas are being promoted by agents of evil.

Similarly, don’t fall for modern pop-culture, which has demeaned love into merely a fantasy. Love is that which propels a man and a woman to tell each other the truth. On the path of love is truth. On the path of lust is untruth. Love causes no one to lie to his/her beloved. It has motivated men and women to tell the truth.

Reject all evils I have mentioned above. Seek friendship and love. Your life will be great.

The battle between good and evil is eternal. Evil becomes good when no good is left. Good becomes evil when no evil is left.

We are in a stage where more goodwill become evil until the tipping point of evil. Life will become much worse until man gives up his pride. The longer he holds on to his pride, the more he will suffer. The moment he gives up, the truth shall be revealed to him. And he shall be awakened. And peace shall return.

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