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Forms Are Reduced Manifestations Of Deeper Truths

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Imagine a river cutting through a mountain. The structure leftover isn't specially made by the river or by the mountain. It is rather a composite manifestation of properties of the Universe. If we knew all physical forces acting on water, the mountain, and the riverbed, we might be able to predict how the structure would look like.

Similarly, imagine the pattern made on a sheet of paper by a drop of water. It is not the doing of the physical objects, water or paper. It is rather a composite happening of properties of the universe. If we changed the gravitational constant by a little bit, the pattern would change. If we changed the density of water a bit, the pattern would change.

There are deeper non-physical truths that sculpt the perceived physical universe. At quantum levels, these truths appear to have the nature of probability fields. They manifest themselves as wave patterns. On his YouTube channel, Veritasium, Derek Muller conducted a double-slit experiment that reveals the same nature of photons.

When thrown at the detector via the slits, they arrange themselves in a pattern that resembles an interference pattern. It is not the case that the photons wanted to resemble that. It appears that they were acting under a probability field groud in a deeper truth.

As we saw in the above examples, deeper truths get manifested in physical forms we delusionally consider real. A lot more is going on, which gets filtered and removed by the human visual apparatus. The small part that is perceived we call our world. It is really just a bubble. This is where I think physics goes wrong. Physicists look at forms and try to guess the underlying truth when forms are reduced manifestations of some underlying truth.

P.S. I wrote this piece sometime in 2019, probably in the summer. I had intended to share it on Linkedin, but I never finished it.

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