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Fruitive Non-Fruitivity

Chase the money, but don't desire it.

It is understood that fruitive actions trap men in the material world and deviate them from the way (Dharm). Say, for example, I write to earn rather than to tell the truth or to have fun. I would get attached to the outcome (money and fame) and my work will become sullied with desire.

However, if I look for an opportunity to get paid as much as possible not because I desire a big payment but because a big payment represents a value chain that produces massive value for humanity, it won't be a fruitive activity.

Let's look at what a payment represents. An activity does not bear income when it does not produce value for anyone. It produces a lot of income when many benefit via a value chain. For example, a film actor can perform in his bathroom and earn nothing for it because he is not participating in a value chain. When he delivers the same performance on a set, his performance brings him a lot of money because he is supporting thousands of workers and entertaining millions of people. Therefore, it is best from him to take his talent where he is paid the most for it. So long as he is doing it to comfortably continue doing what he loves to do, he is a free man with a free spirit. The moment he falls for the money, he would become a slave.

Therefore, chasing the biggest possible payment is not necessarily a fruitive activity. It might align you with the order of nature, taking you exactly where you should be. Just like a fish should be at a fish market and fruits should be at a fruitmarket, man should be very he is valued the most. It is in his and in society's best interest.

Take your talent where it is valued the most, whence you can positively impact humanity as much as possible. Turn life into a party. Just don't fall for earthly treasures. And you will be free of sin.

Chase the money because the money represent value creation. Money is an accounting tool, but don't make it your end.

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