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Go Back To Your Country

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

A non-white individual can be told that on three out of six habitable continents on Earth. Three of the biggest nations by land area are majority white, 4 if you categorize Russians as white. Blacks primarily live in Africa. Middle-Easterns primarily live in the middle-east. Indians primarily live in India. The Chinese primarily live in China. In other nations, these are minorities. But whites are the majority on half of the earth: North America, Europe, Eurasia, Australia, and Russia (if you want to include it). That's most of the northern hemisphere and some of the southern hemisphere.

When I lived in the American South, there were talks about racism. Fortunately, I never faced any overt incidence besides once when a housemate said that. One of my housemates had subleased to him. He was a morbidly obese 30 something-year-old vet. He had injured his knee and turned into a giant potato. For some reason, racists tend to be fat and ugly, almost like lefties. Nevertheless, racism did not bother me because most productive people, the kind worth talking to and doing business with, do not hold such obsolete, counterproductive attitudes. Thus, I never took everyday racism seriously. I forgot about the incidence too.

Years later, it occurred to me that a non-white individual can be told that in North America, Europe, and Australia. These are pretty much 3 whole continents. Whites are indigenous only to Europe and Eurasia (to my knowledge). Their ancestors were immigrants to all other lands they proudly claim as theirs.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with whites moving into lands they have no ancestral relationship with. The earth belongs to everyone. I just think the world is a little bit less aware of the consequences that “go back to your country” attitude can have. If we take it seriously, then we'll have to pack all non-white peoples in South America, Africa, and Asia.

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