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Money is a social concept rather than an individual one. No man living alone on an island can have money. For him to have money, someone has to give it to him. Thus, there have to be atleast two people for money to exist. Why?

Money is a record of what all you have given to the market and what all you have taken from it. If you have a positive balance of money, it means you have given more than consumed.

Since money is a social concept, you will never get rich if you live among people who don't like you. They won't ever take you or anything you do seriously. They will never buy from you. If you live among people who love you and what you do, you will never be poor. If you want to be rich, find a place where people like you and what you offer. That's where you belong (product-market mix).

By the same logic, a nation where people like one another will always be rich. A nation where people dislike one another will always be poor. Therefore, the quickest way to impoverish a nation is to demoralize it. Attack its moral values. Breed distrust and dislike of neighbour. Breed the love of money so much that they betray their neighbours and friends for it without much forethought. Once you destroy their relationships, which is their strength, they can now be enslaved.

Similarly, the quickest way to sustainably restore a poor nation is to instil moral values. Moral values build trust. Trust enables socioeconomic transactions (trade), a measure of which is money.

Get out. Find people who like you and what you offer.

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Trust leads to transactions, which lead to wealth, or trust leads to wealth. In an immoral society, people are bound to be poor.

A tree does not care if you eat from it. It just keeps giving. Everything in nature is like this. But human productivity is capped by money.

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