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Homeless At Home

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

People may call me weird if I suggest a law that allows the moon to be bought and traded. They may also call me weird if I suggest a law that allows the Sun to be bought. Perhaps, I can buy it and rent its energy to people. That sounds like a great source of passive income, a great investment, indeed. Some may me crazy if I suggest a law that legalizes the ownership of rivers, mountains, and forests. Perhaps, I can buy a river and rent its water to people. This, too, sounds like a great investment. It assures me a lifetime of rental income. Some may go far enough to protest if I suggest a law legalizing the ownership of oxygen. There will always a demand for it. If I manage to buy it before others do, cash flow will be sustainable. I might get rich. Some may object if I say I want to own a human, although most agreed to it when it was possible. Perhaps, I can rent out my slaves. This will bring me money from anyone looking for cheap labor. I am sure there are many. Once I have a few slaves, I can comfortably retire. Yet no one sees the absurdity of legalizing land ownership. Allow me to call it the ownership of the Earth. To say that man can own land is like saying that fish can own the ocean.

New children are born into this world homeless. They have to work for decades to get themselves enough land to live on. Man-made laws allowed those who were born before to buy land and pass it on to their descendants. Now that all land already belongs to someone, life has become much more difficult for the newcomers. On such a massive planet, which is their heritage, there is no space for some to call it home. On their home planet, they have become homeless. People are not born homeless. They are made homeless via man-made laws, by force.

His laws and institutions have produced poverty, homelessness, and filth, yet he appears proud of his achievements and confident in his ways, impenitent of his eternal infractions. The kingdom of man must fall, for his laws are getting in the way of the higher kingdom.

Note - the ideas here have followed from this post.

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