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When Told Government Is Unneeded

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

People wonder “how else can we organize society?”

Look up. Do you see Mercury and Venus bumping into each other? Look at the water cycle, the carbon cycle, and the nitrogen cycle. Look at the food chain. An animal dies in a forest and is eaten by another animal that was looking for exactly that animal to dine on. Is this just a coincidence? If it was, it wouldn’t happen all the time. If the entire solar system and all things in nature can run without a government, what makes you think that humans need a government unless you think that humans are the most dammed thing in the universe. Or perhaps, you have been programmed to think that.

Aren’t humans part of nature? Why then do we refuse to see in humans what we see in nature? So long people are kept dependent at a deeper psychological level, they won’t be able to see freedom. It is like children attached to narcissistic parents don’t see freedom in walking away when that is exactly what they need to do.

The reason why the Solar System is organized without a president is that every iota of the Universe can self-organize. Every cell in our body knows how to self-organize and do its job without being told. There is an intrinsic order to everything, which is spontaneous and primordial. Humans are the Universe too. Once they give up knowledge and pride, they will know the answer. The spontaneous order or the Dao is not only around them but in them and is them. Once they give way to conscience, they will never collide with one another just like the nine planets don’t collide with one another. And they shall be free of laws and tyrants.

Update on April 19, 2021 -

People wouldn’t start killing one another if there was no government. People are not born killers and robbers. People have an intrinsic sense of morality. Therefore, even if you remove the police, people won’t start killing one another.

Now, there are few lost ones who would harass others. To set them right, people wouldn't trade with them. Without economic means, they would not be able to create chaos. This is exactly what governments don't allow the free market to do. So long there is a government, criminals keep getting funded via taxation. The market fails to fix crimes because governments artificially fuel them with tax money. I have written more about this here.

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