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How I See The World: The Three Classes

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

There is a ruling class, a mafia class, and then are the slaves or the proletariat.

Rulers use mafias to get enacted laws, regulations, and schemes that allow them to own natural resources like land, mines, etc at discounted prices. Sometimes, the mafia class also owns them. These people own things. They don’t have jobs. They have capital. Since others can also buy capital, they make sure the supply is limited and others don’t know much about it. They use the mafias to discourage the proletariat from owning capital. When a farmer sells his land to educate his daughter, he is praised in the media. The farmer has no clue that he has sold his land to pay for his daughter's indoctrination. He has no clue how bad of a deal it is. He literally got robbed. The proletariat is told that owning capital is hard and takes a lot of money and luck. Instead, they should pay for 16+ years of education and work the rest of their lives for those who do own capital.

The mafia class is primarily elected and unelected government. They earn by raiding the proletariat. They have legalized it as taxation so people don’t see it as an attack on their labor and property. The mafia effectively manipulates people via the instrument of law. By law, they define themselves as government. They partly to wholly control the media.

The proletariat is the disposable class here. They are not taught philosophy, economics, and politics but only applied skills so they become thoughtless skillful workers. They tend to worship idols, believe in superstitions, and argue among themselves about whose idol is superior. The ruling class panders to their delusions. This allows them to keep the slaves delusional and misinformed. In the media, they glorify their [the slave class'] Gods, myths, and the lifestyle they have been told is good. To them, the proletariat is like cattle. They are used as workforce and replaced as they get old. They are moved to wherever the ruling class wants them. In their media, self-employment is never discussed at all. Anything that can make them financially independent is never discussed.

Pretty much everything we see in the media is geared to keep the proletariat stupid and spoiled. They are targeted with advertisements. They think they can't be manipulated, which is why they are manipulated to keep buying shoes, cars, televisions, and phones over and over again. Most talent shows, soaps, sports networks are geared to keep them busy. So long they don’t think, they will continue to live like thoughtless animals, livestock to the ruling class. Pride is also implanted in them so they stay blind. They tend to be proud of their nation, religion, culture, etc. This pride produces some meaning in their meaningless lives.

Philosophers often look at the ruling class with a sigh of disgust, but that is not a fair view. The proletariat is ruled over because they are sinful. I, too, was told to study engineering so I could get a job and earn a lot of money to buy what? But I didn’t listen because I didn’t care about money. My greedy peers fell for it. I, too, have been subjected to religious propaganda from the media, religious institutions, and my parents. Both of my parents are fervent idol worshipers. But I didn’t buy it either. People worship idols because they want things. They are driven by greed. I refused to worship because I didn’t want anything.

I was subjected to everything that the proletariat is subjected to. I steered clear because they were driven by ego, greed, pride, and immorality. Those who think that a proletariat revolt can solve the problem are mistaken. Revolt can’t make them moral. So long they are sinful, they can be exploited. So long they are prideful, they can be exploited. So long they worship idols, they can be exploited. The day they give up sinning, no man can rule over them. The truth, alone, can set them free. But to see the truth, they must first give up their blindness (pride). Are they gonna surrender pride willingly or suffer more until they give up?

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