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How Schools Destroy Morality

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

In 5th grade, I helped a 4th grader on a test. We both were made to stand outside until she cried and got away with it. She was the beneficiary of the transaction. The teacher blamed me for everything. Once in 4th grade, my teacher made me stand outside the classroom for three days in a row for crimes I do not even remember. Girls almost always got away with delayed assignments, coming to class late, talking too much, but boys were punished for things they often did not even do.

That was India. Although unequal treatment was not so blatant in the US, girls were still getting away with some minor things boys were not, such as talking back and not doing their work.

In both nations, we can see a moral decline in women. They are more reckless and unaccountable than our grandmothers ever were. When was the last time you heard a woman take responsibility? When was the last time you heard a woman apologize for anything?

Some blame female nature for it, but I won't be so quick to get there. Are girls born thinking that it is always men's fault? Are they born thinking that they can cry out of any situation? Chances are schools have instilled these values in them. It is a classic example of behavior shaping. The early years of a child are perfect for it. Every time a young girl gets away with doing something irresponsible, she becomes more immoral. 12 years of that make her a modern woman.

Modern men are no better either. In 12 years of school, they get promoted for quietly agreeing with everything teachers have to say and punished for asking questions and criticizing them. Those who accept the former reality grow up to become weak and pathetic. They get higher grades, are promoted more often, and are showered with opportunities at school. Teachers help them go to college, find jobs, and do good in life. These men are the ideal slaves. From early childhood, they have proven that they can uphold the status quo, keep their moral values aside, and do whatever they are told to do. They are ideal for administrative services and higher corporate positions.

Those who accept the latter reality are the troublemakers. They ask questions. They are threats to the status quo. They are men who become the change they want to see, but that cliche must remain a cliche. Therefore, these men are put in detentions, in dumber classes, and are called troublemakers. In a country like India, they still have a good chance at life, but in a country like the US, they are less likely to go to college because of bad discipline record. A bad discipline record may also remove them from the employable pool, making their lives much more difficult.

Those who remain relatively uninvolved learn vicariously that flattery and obedience get you the reward, while dissent cuts your chances. This is the moral paradigm that all children live under for 12 years and sometimes 16 years should they go to college. It is only obvious that men at the top today are weak, unable to tell the truth and expose corruption, while real men who cannot compromise their values are struggling to survive. The aggregate of all of it is reflected in our experience of a morally deteriorating world.

It is my opinion that moral values can all be restored if only one generation does not go to school. School is an indoctrination camp. It is abusive and morally demeaning. Get your children used to libraries, where they can learn from some real teachers rather than fake teachers at school who are often less intelligent than their students.

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