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How To Brainwash A Group To Kill Others

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

This post is inspired by experiences I had in the American South.

Principle - To get people to do something extreme, you must start with something they will willingly accept or agree to. This starting point is the idol they worship. Let's just say you want to brainwash Churchians to kill non-Churchians. Seek agreement on the following questions, to begin with -

1. Do you think Jesus is God? Since they worship him, they are bound to say yes. This is the starting common ground. This is where the manipulation begins.

2. Do you think Jesus is the only God? Ask bullshit questions only to get them to say "yes".

3. Do you think the Bible is the legitimate word of God?

If your ideological relationship is not well-cemented, seek more agreements. The more agreements you have, the more they will trust you when you lead them with suggestive questions. A fervent agreement on these matters assures that they blindly accept anything in the name of God, the word of God, and Jesus. They must be programmed to reject everything that lies outside their point of view.

Get them to agree to form a church. This will allow you to isolate them from the rest of the population. This is important if you want to separate from their non-Churchian friends and neighbors.

Get them to agree to not marrying non-Churchains. Feed them some bullshit like a couple needs to have the same religious affiliation for the marriage to prosper. Feed their eg by telling them they will have to tell their children more than one view of the world if they marry a non-Churchian. This will further cement the line of divide between soon to be enemies.

Persuade them to send their children to Churchian schools only. Give them some bullshit reason like they should grow up in a company of fellow righteous Churchians, not in that of sinful God-hating infidels/gentiles.

Once their children grew up isolated from non-Churchains, they would not feel related to them. The line of divide would become a demographic divide. When they are encouraged to kill non-Churchians, they shouldn't feel like they are killing their own kin and neighbors. All kinship between Churchians and non- Churchians must be destroyed for what's coming.

Persuade them to encourage their children to preferably work for and buy from Churchian firms. Tell them that close relationships with fellow Churchains will help them stay strong in their faith.

Once they have been completely separated from the infidels and don't feel any kinship with them, convince them not to hire them. Tell them that it is important for a firm to only hire people with similar values. It has to maintain a certain reputation in the minds of customers. Softly conflate these values (integrity, truth, etc) with Churchain values. How can they be truthful and honest if all virtues come from God and these infidels hate God?

Convince them to network with fellow Churhians so they easily find jobs and business contracts. Tell them that they should help their Churchain friends by recommending them for jobs. Tell them that we must help each other. Just conveniently forget non-Churchians.

Once the non-Churchians become relatively poor and weak, brainwash the Churchians so they think that the infidels are facing the consequence of their Godless life. Keep sowing seeds of extremism among the Churchians to make them extremists. The time is about to come.

As poverty increases among the infidels, send church members to preach to them to make them civilized churchians. The preachers must feel like good, moral people who are better them the infidels. Invite poor infidels to church dinners. Pass out food and clothing. But never offer them jobs. Never help them become independent. Church members should be brainwashed to be so emphatically aloof from them that they don't understand the problem here. They shouldn't be in touch with their conscience.

Growing poverty among the infidels would lead to crimes. It is time to softly demonize them. Make them look bad and inherently evil. Once majority of the Churchains think that the infidels are evil, introduce discrimination against them. No, not literally. Convince the Churchains that the infidels are more likely to have criminal records and behavioral issues. It is not discrimination to assure that the right people are employed and promoted. This reinforces the system that is already against them.

Now, wait until the non-Churchian areas become infested with crimes. If they don't leave at this moment, their communities are bound to become poor, sick, and depressed.

Now, convince the Churchains to protect their families from evil, from God-hating criminals. Convince them to bear arms against them. Soon, the non-Churchains would bear arms too. Once the good vs evil dynamic is established, religious tension would increase until the non-Churchains leave or the Churchians destroy all non-Churchians in the name of doing the work of God.

Mission Accomplished.

The same formula can be exploited to use on many groups to hate and kill others. Back in college, I saw some of these idols being exploited-

  1. Politically correct types worshipped kindness. It was used to silence people by qualifying them as unkind. Of course, the definition was arbitrarily put up by the people who were doing the silencing. They were manipulating the idol to control the people who worship it.

  2. Marxist types were getting manipulated by the idol they worshipped: fairness. They wanted the world to be fair. This was exploited to introduce dumb ideas like free stuff for women and minorities. It can be used to impose or increase taxation because taxation can be argued to make life fair for the poor.

  3. Social Justice. You have probably seen social justice warriors.

As you can see, whenever a see people who worship an idol, of religious nature or of political and social nature(equality, justice, fairness, etc), I see slaves who can be manipulated and gaslit. Perhaps, this is why rulers want people to keep making their own Gods so they can be kept enslaved.

The only people who can't be enslaved are those who idolize nothing, who make no Gods of their own.

Takeaways -

  1. Don't worship idols. Don't make your own God. Don't idolize anything.

  2. Don't allow yourself to be isolated from others. It can be used to project a false reality.

  3. Don't blindly agree with people.

  4. Stay away from religion and religious gurus that isolate their followers.

  5. If you are a minority and the majority keeps itself closed off in cults, move to a friendly place. The world is huge. You will find a good community.

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