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How To Enslave People With Idols

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Just like you can trap a mouse with cheese or bread, you can trap a money worshipper with money. Just visit any modern-day office.

You can trap a fame worshipper with fame. Just visit any social media.

You can trap a Jesus worshipper with Jesus. What would Jesus do? (in a conceited voice) No one knows what he would do, but pastors can make him do whatever they want him to do.

You can trap a Mohammad worshiper with Mohammad. You can't make pictures of the prophet. You can't disrespect him. You can get them all ired up.

Worshippers of justice and fairness can be turned into social justice fanatics.

Worshippers of law can be trapped with laws. Lawmakers can slowly change and tweak laws to lead law worshippers wherever they want them to go.

Worshippers of nicety and politeness can be trapped with nicety and politeness. It is not nice to tell a fat boy that he needs to drop weight and not be a depressed fat boy. It is not nice to tell the truth. It is polite to lie.

As we can see above, if you want to enslave a people, figure out the idol they worship. What do they idolize? Now, connect everything to the idol. Explain how what you want them to do is the correct way to worship their idol. If they don't worship idols, you need to tempt them. Once they accept it, then you can do the same process.

When I look at the world, I see people on their knees, heads down, in service to their idols. Most of the world has already been enslaved. This is why I am not surprised by the possibility of a globalist takeover.

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