How To Intervene In Tyranny?

Updated: Jul 3

The Cause

Why do we have massive governments? Because we have insecure people. They don’t know that they have valuable skills and talents to meaningfully contribute to the free market and generate an income. So they look for jobs that don't require skills and talents. These generally are administrative and bureaucratic jobs that talented people don't even consider real jobs. They deep down know that their jobs are meaningless and unneeded. But they have to pay their bills, so they keep justifying to themselves why their jobs are important. In the long run, they feel a lack of purpose/meaning in life. They look for something to stimulate them. This is the beginning of addiction. They soon get trapped.

Imagine if every single tax collector found out that he has massive latent potential that can produce him sustainable income. Taxation would end overnight. Imagine if all insurance agents, day traders, and government bureaucrats found out they can live off their natural talents; it would eliminate a lot of dumb jobs.

Imagine if every single priest/pastor knew that he does not have to do what he is doing and he can be much wealthier living off his talents. He wouldn't have to call people sinners and play mind games with them.

Imagine if every single public school teacher found out he does not need to teach useless things and he can live his life much more productively. Institutionalized education would become history.