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How To Intervene In Tyranny

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The Cause

Why do we have massive governments? Because we have insecure people. They don’t know that they have valuable skills and talents to meaningfully contribute to the free market and generate an income. So they look for jobs that don't require skills and talents. These generally are administrative and bureaucratic jobs that talented people don't even consider real jobs. They deep down know that their jobs are meaningless and unneeded. But they have to pay their bills, so they keep justifying to themselves why their jobs are important. In the long run, they feel a lack of purpose/meaning in life. They look for something to stimulate them. This is the beginning of addiction. They soon get trapped.

Imagine if every single tax collector found out that he has massive latent potential that can produce him sustainable income. Taxation would end overnight. Imagine if all insurance agents, day traders, and government bureaucrats found out they can live off their natural talents; it would eliminate a lot of dumb jobs.

Imagine if every single priest/pastor knew that he does not have to do what he is doing and he can be much wealthier living off his talents. He wouldn't have to call people sinners and play mind games with them.

Imagine if every single public school teacher found out he does not need to teach useless things and he can live his life much more productively. Institutionalized education would become history.

Imagine if every single prostitute knew about her natural talent(s). We wouldn't have prostitution anymore. The same can be said about people who engage in criminal activities.

No one would do dumb, meaningless, and dangerous jobs if they knew that they are sitting on millions of dollars worth of talent(s). Of course, there are some legitimate priests/pastors and public school teachers, but most just want to hold a job. Most of these people are where they are not because of choice but because of lack of alternatives. They would desert their jobs in a heartbeat if they had a better option. This is how we can liberate them. We tell them the truth that they have latent talent(s) that they have inherited as sons and daughters of Earth.

Evidence of natural talents

All plants and animals on this planet are born with whatever intelligence they need. Apple trees don’t need to be taught how to bear apples. Cats don’t need to be taught how to hunt. Horses don’t need to be taught how to run fast. Cheetahs absolutely don’t need instructions to run at 100 km/hour. Bees don’t need to know how to make honey. Birds don't need to learn how to sing.

Think about a lion in a cage. Even if you knew that the lion has been in that cage his entire life and no one has ever seen him hunt, you would still be afraid to enter his cage. You know that his natural skills and talents can show up any time. You know his latent potential. Most humans are like caged lions, their cage being societal brainwashing.

I myself did not have to learn a lot of things I write about. It is almost as if I was born knowing them. I know precisely when I figured out who all among my peers would be future bureaucrats. It was in 7th grade. I have vivid memories of a fellow student who did good in class. I wondered why he cared to do good when he obviously wasn't passionate about learning. I sensed immense insecurity from him as if he knew no one would even acknowledge his existence if he was not good at academics. He was short, unattractive (based on societal definitions), and had only a few friends. Sinking in the social scene, academics was his only hope to stay afloat and be visible. I further noted that most guys who did good academically had very uninspiring social lives. I could sense insecurity from them. Instead of cementing better relationships, they studied hard to prove themselves to the world. I felt like they would grow up to do meaningless jobs since they were able to drudge through boring schoolwork and keep up with mean and disrespectful teachers.

Solution: tell the truth

If we go around telling everyone the truth about their natural talent(s), I hope that people would revert to the person they were before they conceded to a meaningless and uninspiring life. Let's address how we can find our natural talent(s). One simple method I have described here. Just by saying that you are talented, your talents would start to emerge (read more on the link). If you have ever been ridiculed for saying or doing something in school, that might be it. What people don't understand they laugh at. If some of your good peers noticed something unique in you, that might be it. Your greatest qualities are qualities you have always had. You had them even in your early memories. Chances are, you grew up thinking that there was nothing unique about them, because you did not have to acquire them. When 12-year-old me told his Judo teammates that he could do 50 pushups, he was asked to demonstrate. I didn't know it was a big deal. I thought everyone could do it.

You can also conduct a thought experiment to find out your greatest talent(s). Imagine your parents died when you were 12. How would you have survived? What talents would you have relied upon to support yourself? This experiment forces you to go back to a time when you had only your natural talent(s) to help you. You had not yet gathered anything significant from school, college, and work. This is important because there is nothing unique about scholastic learning. Most people go through similar curricula and, thus, possess relatively the same knowledge. To stand out, to be possibly the greatest version of yourself, you must focus on what qualities only you possess. These qualities may come out if you try the above thought experiment.

Why people forget their talents

In toxic cultures, it is common for people to not realize their speciality because most people are busy tearing one another down. This is why, toxic cultures breed criminals, prostitutes, and psychopaths. In my case, my parents heavily gaslit me by telling me I would understand when I grow up and that I had not experienced enough life. Well, after living in two countries, meeting a lot of people, and reading a lot of books, I discovered that I am, in fact, extraordinary, a word that was often used to describe me by my peers and some teachers at school. Most views I expressed in childhood were correct.

As long as we have people who think they are not talented, we will have unneeded bureaucratic institutions living off the working class. Let's go out and liberate them from their invisible cages. If we do this, all predatory institutions in the world would run out of labour. Big bureaucratic governments can't function without insecure people looking for a job.


Some think that they can defend against tyranny via the use of force. They can use guns or their judicial systems (law is also an insidious use of force), but tyranny cannot be eliminated without eliminating the spiritual cause of tyranny. How do innocent children, who like noodles and video games, grow up to become tyrants, criminals, and their accomplices? They have to be not in love with life. How can we make them fall in love with life again? As long as spiritual gaslighting exists, we will continue to have insecure people. We must neutralize gaslighting with truth. This is a spiritual war. Our defence is the truth.

Global tyranny was not possible before public education. Young adults used to know real skills like weaving, metal works, farming, carpentry, masonry, shoemaking, etc. Now, these skills have largely disappeared. Of course, corporations have played a role in it. Armoured with massive capital from banks and the stock market, they have artificially outpriced local talents and destroyed their markets. People still continue to patronize them and buy their shares, which only empowers them. As public education expands, and more and more adults grow up to become unskilled but educated, we may have a massive problem at hand.

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