How To Make Shoes

Updated: Mar 6

Most of us don’t know. If all shoemakers disappeared, we would be bound to walk barefoot until someone rediscovers the art of shoemaking. Do we know how to raise crops, take care of cattle, make clothes, umbrellas, and construct houses?

If our modern economy collapsed, we would essentially be barbarians. Imagine a global electricity outage because of solar winds or a global network shutdown because of a virus, we might even starve to death. Most of us can’t catch a fish, cannot raise a singly crop. We do not even know which wild plants are edible.

We know things that can be used to work for someone, not things that can be used to produce a needed product. People happily work for a paper company like International Paper. We were taught Engineering, Finance, Marketing, Accounting to work for them, but no one was taught how to make paper. There may be thousand creative ways to make paper but that topic was touched neither in school nor in college.

So many work for shoe companies but they don’t know shoemaking. Some work in the food industry but don’t know how to make pumpkin pie. Some work for Television manufactures but they don’t even know how to assemble a TV from spare parts. They work for computer and phone companies but can’t assemble those electronics either.

So many are looking desperately for a job because they know only to aid the process. They don’t know how to make the final product, which is what society actually needs. Why? Because wage slavery would end if people were taught how to make final products. If 20 people knew the entire process of making paper, they would join hands to compete with International paper, slashing its dominance. Giant corporations will die off if people knew how to make final products.

We were taught calculus and electrostatics in school so we could be engineers for Apple and Microsoft. We were never taught how to make a phone or a computer. People get MBA (which I call slave certification) so they can help run corporations, not to provide a better competing product to the market, only strengthening the monopoly of the aforementioned. The entire system of education was cooked to produce slaves. We are all slaves, whether we like it not. If we even knew how to assemble electronics, we would not pay for expensive products. We would either make our own or pay a neighbour to make it for us.

In fact, industrialization and corporate rule stand on public education. No one would slave in a factory if they understood the product. They would come up with creative ways to make a better product and sell it directly to the market. A reduction in labour supply will drive wages up, causing corporates to have smaller margins, not allowing them to dumps cheap products in the market. As the playing field gets more even, independent producers will do better. When production is decentralized, labour cost will rise even more because workers will have more places to choose from. For corporates, this is a death spiral.

The easiest way to end slavery is to shut down these indoctrination camps. The easiest way to break corporates is to deinstitutionalize public education, their publicly funded training hand.

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