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How To Outargue Women

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

This post is meant to be funny. If you can’t take jokes, look somewhere else.

Men argue to prove you wrong. Women argue to make you feel bad about yourself. Their objective is to emotionally break you. This is why they throw a storm of ad hominems when you argue with them. They somehow link everything to why you don’t have a high-paying job, why you don’t have a girlfriend, or why your mother doesn’t like you. If they know your insecurity, they will exploit it. They will tie everything to it. My guy friends used to love to see me outargue girls in college. Here’s how I flawlessly did the forbidden.

Unlike most men, I am not driven by sexuality. Thus, I have no reason to agree with women when they say dumb things. I have no insecurity. There is nothing you can say to break me. Not even my mother has that power. If you have insecurities, don’t tell women about them. In fact, just get over them. I tell women my problems, but I am not insecure about them, which makes everything funnier because it looks like I am asking for it.

The secret is accepting their ad hominems. Whenever girls throw personal attacks such as “this is why girls don’t like you” or “this is why you got turned down in that interview," I simply accept that I am dumber, inferior, ugly, or whatever they are trying to prove. This acceptance suddenly leaves them out of words. Then, I came back with “even though I am dumb/ugly/any other libels, it really doesn't prove my evidence wrong.”There are many other transitions you can use, such as:

1. Although I agree that I am such and such, how is it related to the data/evidence?

2. You are right about this. My mom says that I am ugly too. Anyway, how would you respond to my evidence?

3. Perhaps, you are right that I am dumb, surely. But that really is no good evidence to prove your point. The premise has to follow the conclusion.

I come up with them on the spot so they flow coherently with my opponent's words. Having calmly accepted the ad hominem, I direct the conversation back to an evidence-based debate. Since they lack evidence and have already thrown out personal attacks, they are now out of ammo. At this moment, most women retreat with something like “I have to be somewhere in 10 minutes. We can talk later.” The rest turn on victim mode and start sobbing/crying.

With girls that are too proud, I sometimes start by debasing myself in all possible ways. This is what Eminen does to Clarence in 8 mile. Since I have already accepted all possible labels and invectives, I have already disarmed the opponent. This doesn't even allow women to cry, because I have made no remarks about them. I have only shitted on myself. At this moment, they have no options but to debate on the merit of evidence, which screams defeat.

P.S. If you do this, you may not ever find a wife. Do it at your own risk. I can't be held liable for any ego destruction you may cause. Girls may not even befriend you if you do this.

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