How To Spot Fake Gurus & False Prophets

Updated: Mar 6

They feed you soma. It doesn't resolve any issues. It only makes you forget them by putting you in a temporary comatose. When you recover, you find out that you still have the same hardships. You return to the pastor/priest/guru for more soma. Fake gurus make you dependent on them, like doctors who don't want you to heal so you keep buying their drugs. This is why religious people go to pastors and gurus all their lives and are still sad. They still need soma once a week, twice a week, or multiple times a week to stay sane.

Fake gurus flatter your delusions to assuage you. They inflate your ego, never saying anything concrete to address any real problem nor do they want you to ask anything real. They don't have any answers. They are part of the social hypnosis. They reinforce it by sedating you with vague and abstract statements like -

"Praise the lord." "Be strong in your faith." "Don't get distracted." "Don't be angry." "Don't be frustrated."

They maintain an aura of being special or different, never getting angry or frustrated in front of others. They never offend anyone or hurt people's feelings. They are sweet-tongued like the biblical serpent. They tend to have enchanted Eves following them.

Real gurus speak some hard truths. They shake your world and break down your delusions. They make you uncomfortable. They don't shame you for being angry or frustrated. Instead, they redirect your frustration to help you discover new things. They destroy your ego to lead you to liberation. There is no reason for them to be sweet-tongued.

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