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How To Spot Higher Principles

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

This was revealed to me sometime in 2018

1. When someone lies, people don't trust him anymore. He makes fewer friends because people can’t trust a liar. He is less likely to get married. Thus, he is also less likely to pass down his qualities. After a generation, truthfulness is restored.

2. When a society falls enough that people become tolerant of untruth, it is time for the entire society to get eliminated. Without truth, there is no trust. In this society, people don’t help one another because they are afraid of being taken advantage of. They rely on banks for loans rather than on their friends. This causes rich people to get richer and poor people to get poorer (they pay interest). People tend to make fewer and fewer friends because they can’t trust anyone. They struggle to find life partners. These are signs of a dying society. Population reduces. Some migrate to other nations for a better life. Only a few that hold on to truth are able to foster relationships. They father the next generation and teach them about the necessity of truth. Truth gets restored hopefully unless the children want to fail more.

3. Why do you think that every society starts out conservative? Simply because conservative values (besides religion) are right. Liberal values such as political correctness, moral relativism, feminism, minimum wages, abortion, and socialism are not constructive. Guess the kind of girls who were invisible to most guys in college: feminists. Thus, they are the least likely to pass down their genes and ideas. Conservatives are more likely to have families. Their children inherit conservative values. Generations down the line, their descendants will wonder why their ancestors were so conservative.

4. The debate between pro-choice and pro-life is futile. Nature is working to multiply prolives and remove prochoices from existence. Pro-choices are more likely to abort their children, suiciding their views and lifestyles. The resulting population will have more prolives. Thus, we see the emergence of the correct principle. Some call it natural selection though.

5. Free markets automatically prosper. Since freedom is a higher principle, any society that allows freedom will prosper while any that oppresses people will be doomed to poverty and wretchedness. We can see it in migration trends. People move from California to Texas, not the other way around. Texas progressed because of libertarian principles preached by the likes of Ron Paul. California went backward to become the poverty capital of the US.

Likewise, higher principles remain true and restore themselves. People who follow them prosper. People who go against are removed from the game. People come and go. Nations, religions, and governments appear and disappear. But the principles always stay. They are eternal. Look around you and spot them.

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