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I Paid The Price Of Dissent, They, Of Agreement

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

I could see them depressed and devoid of free spirit, but I was not sure. How could I believe it? How could majority of people be sick? In hindsight, I understand. I was paying the price of dissent. They were paying that of agreement.

When I was in college, I worked hard but seldom got opportunities. I did not understand how others were able to leave one job and find another. I could not even get one. I was doing the worst economically but the best academically. I was always more professional and lived a very healthy lifestyle, while a good number of them had addiction and health issues. Everything about my life was great besides being economic hardships. Everything about their life looked terrible besides economic success. Now, I understand it. Their success had come at a price -- spiritual damage. In the rat race, they sacrificed their moral calling by agreeing to powerful people in college. They got the dough, but it didn't nourish their spirit. I outrightly refused to accept any speech, religious, and corporate tyranny. I stayed real. I couldn't get the dough, but my spirit was well-fed because I did not sacrifise moral principles. Even when I slept on the floor and ate rice and beans, my spirits remained high.

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